•  Circus 2014
  Les Lendemains
The actors: Céline Li, Emma Assaud, Elsa Renoud (dit Crevette), Lutz Christian, Brice Porquet, Roland Bontaz, Serge Lazar, Stephane Bourdaud
Technical director: Vincent Peyrous
Regizor secund: colectiv sprjinit de Stephanie Gervy
Direction: Minervino Montell Hagmann
Light creation: Wilfried Schick
Production: Mandie
”A bridge hanging up at over ten metres, a net three metres off the ground… Eight off the wall characters hide behind the present in order to come together in a shared goal; Their energy pushes them to create a dream, to fly… but first of all, to get up there! Rapidly, they find solutions, alone, together, helped by the audience. The air takes shape around their movements There’s flight, suspension, capture, the alchemy’s installed Clumsiness, an argument, a settling of scores.. The audience is bought in to clear things up Things speed up, carried along by sound and thunder, the exchanges multiply…. Then suddenly… Freeze, a moment of silence, a suspension of bodies. All that’s passed is just the past. And everything gets going again, the same energy, building up to a crescendo which sweeps the spectators along in shared excitement. The eight circus artists come and join the crowd at ground level after a final flight into the net.”
Circus performance presented in English.

      © Les lendemains