•  Theatre 2014
  Teatro Stabile di Napoli
Text and director: Emma Dante
Romanian translation: Ileana Zmaranda Elian
Subtitles: Franco Vena
Cast: Serena Barone, Elena Borgogni, Sandro Maria Campagna, Italia Carroccio, Davide Celona, Marcella Colaianni, Alessandra Fazzino, Daniela Macaluso, Leonarda Saffi, Stephanie Taillandier
Lights: Cristian Zucaro
Set: Gaetano Lo Monaco Celano
Photo: Carmine Maringola
The scene is dark and empty. Only shadows inhabit this empty space until a body is thrown at us. The darkness expels a woman. Grown-up. Marked. From the bottom of the scene faces of alive and dead appear mixed together. All are in mourning. The little crowd comes towards us with a firm step. The dancing woman joins the procession. Le sorelle Macaluso are a flock of birds suspended between earth and sky, with confusion between life and death. The family is composed by seven sisters who stop to remember, to evoke, to reproach, to dream, to cry, to laughing at their story. It is the funeral of one of them. On the border between here and there, between now and ever, dead are ready to carry away the dead. Backlight, dark clothes and a walk. A family moving in and out of the darkness. A young father appears to his fifty years-old daughter, a wife clinging to her husband in an eternal embrace, a man failed even in death, the dreams remained suspended between shadows and solitude, and the exinct stand in front of us with ease. Everything is inspired by a old story. A grandmother, in the delirium of illness, called her daughter screaming in the night. The daughter ran to her bed and the mother asked: “in definitiva io sugnu viva o morta?” (after all i’m dead or alive?”). The daughter replied "alive! You're alive, Mum."And the mother said, mocking: see viva! Avi ca sugnu morta e ‘un mi dicìti niente p’un fàrimi scantàri (sicilian dialect) (alive!I died a long time ago and you don’t tell me not to frighten me)
The performance is presented in Italian, with translation.

Théâtre National (Bruxelles), Festival d'Avignon, Folkteatern (Göteborg) in partnership with Atto Unico / Compagnia Sud Costa Occidentale

      © Carmine Maringola