•  Dance 2014
  Kanazawa Butoh Kan
Direction & Choreography: Moe Yamamoto
Direction & Choreography Assistance: Kei Shirasaka
Butoh Dancers: Moe Yamamoto, Kei Shirasaka, Takuya Matsumoto, Rui Yamamoto
Music: Hideo Sekino, Kenichi Aoki
Lighting: Takashi Miyamukai
Management: Teruko Suzuki
For whom the possibility of ”self-expression” exists? At the institution for the elderly people whose families can no longer cope with them, there is no freedom for these. Why can't the people whose minds are no longer intact have any freedom of expression? Their strange behavior that troubles careworkers isn't that a revolt against the suppression of self-expression? In the world of their disconnected consciousness, sometimes very clear past memories come back and are projected in their mind's eye. But that happens in only a fraction of a moment, and then is gone as if the transmutation of a fleeting cloud. The memories inseparable from delusion or reality, will be reflected in their outward behavior. Remembering becomes a stimulus, an impetus to live. Like ”coma reading” which is a communication with a person in a coma, their desire or need to convey which things are within them is the only expression of their intention. We assume that the human never abandons their method of expression in whatever circumstances, and whatever the expression, it is not exclusive to the people whose minds are very clear. According to the circumstances, humans change their way of expression in order to convey their feelings. This production makes the statement that we never give up the function of our hearts, to make others recognize our existence, until the last moment. Rob them not of their joy!

We are Kanazawa Butoh Kan. A group of Japanese extending the frontiers of butoh, both artistically and geographically. Butoh has been around for over 50 years. It is known as the dance of darkness or as minimalistic dance. We do not aim to create beautiful lines with our body movements, but instead, at bringing out our inner emotions with our movements. It is a strange form of dance for some people, but it is accessible to any audience member with an open heart. It is our aim that this performance will stimulate your imaginagtion so that you can create your own story, dredged from hidden memories, by watching our dance.
This production was performed in Yokohama, Japan in 2007 and in Chisinau, Moldova in 2013.

      © Aliona Sorocov