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Krystian Lupa is a renowned Polish theatre director, stage designer; winner of the Premio Europa per il Teatro (European Theatre Award) in 2009. Considered a theatrical giant, Lupa is ranked alongside such major world figures as Harold Pinter, Peter Brook, Ariane Mnouchkine and Pina Bausch. Winner of numerous awards, among them the Austrian Cross of Merit in 2001 and the French Order of the Fine Arts and Humanities in 2002.
”Lupa's theatre is one of psychological extremes, which he chooses to reveal in times of hypocrisy and cheap entertainment. Lupa warns: cheap entertainment means cheap humans, cheap lives, cheap souls, cheap reason, cheap sensibilities... His productions begin where questions are not asked and end where all that relates to us has been questioned. This delicious paradox is not a mere mechanism, but denotes a certain inability to name man 'completely.' Thus is created the mystery of being human to one self and to others. (...) In the structured stage world, every individual is a contradiction on the inside. He or she builds castles on sand, because that makes sense. They decline into madness because they find no answer to questions regarding who they truly are." Tomasz Man. ”Notatnik Teatralny”, 1999, no. 18-19 http://culture.pl/en/artist/krystian-lupa

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