•  Outdoor Performances 2014
To achieve that the habitual environment of the life transforms: to make a commercial street look like a different universe and a square suggest an imaginary and magic world. We will obtain it by means of resources already experienced by Sarruga like they are a powerful and rhythmic vocalization with a lighting adapted for every scene. Also it is important to emphasize Kremah's flexibility at the moment of adapting to different spaces and needs of communication with people. The design of the elements, both of the puppets and of the structural supports of sound and lighting, allows them to adapt to staging a fixed spectacle, in a square where the actions are happening, trying to manage a pace and to submit to a dramatic concrete history. They can also adapt to the production of an itinerant performance or parades with the intention of surprise and festivity, prevailing on the dramatic intention. A trembling in the ground. A chilling roar. Other trembling. A steadily, strident music starts in the distance. Large flames illuminate the road and the heat burning seems to burn for a moment. Two more shakings. They come. You can see a tall structure and bright protruding from an ancestral cloud of fog between the smell of gunpowder appears the former. They are dragons, they are giant reptiles, they are ancient monsters!