•  Circus 2014
  Tita8lou / Jessica Arpin
Jessica Arpin
”Kalabazi” is the story of a young eccentric and polka dotted woman wants to get married. But not just to anybody! So she organizes a love contest with the spectators… they may have to go through some improbable challenges! But after that she will seduce them with acrobatics on her faithful yellow bicycle. Who will be the One? This show is a mixture of circus, clown and poetry. It can be translated into all languages, from the dialect of Napoli to Brazilian while calling by Inuktitut and Japanese. ”Kalabazi” has been performed over 500 times in 18 countries, 8 languages and 23 dialects. Jessica Arpin is half Swiss-half Brazilian and has studied circus and clown in Geneva and at the Montreal circus school. Her performances are created and enjoyed for audiences of all ages, it talks of love with laughter and poetry.
Performance presented in English, French, Italian and Romanian.

      © Massimiliano Chieco