•  Theatre 2014
  Neath our TREAD
Performed by Jake Goodman
Directed by Barbara Lanciers
Written by Imre Kertész
Translated by Tim Wilkinson
”Kaddish,” culling its name from the Jewish prayer of mourning, is a stage adaptation of Nobel Prize-winning writer Imre Kertész’s novel, ”Kaddish for an Unborn Child." "Kaddish” is an exploration of ritual, loss, and unrelenting inner conflict in which the beleaguered central character mourns the absence of the child he never fathered during his failed marriage, his mantra being a refusal to bring a child into a world where horrors like the Holocaust can occur. As he attempts to reach the final Amen of the Kaddish prayer, he weaves a brutally honest, deeply personal, stream of consciousness web of the unseen casualties of war, political corruption, Jewish identity, and the humor of living. "Kaddish" is the first ever American staging of this magnificent novel, an eloquent meditation on human vulnerability and strength told through the eyes of a survivor.
Performance not recommended to persons under 16.
The performance will be presented in English, with translation.

Created with the support of LABA (Laboratory for Jewish Culture) at the 14th Street Y in New York and the Center for International Theatre Development (CITD) in Baltimore.

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