•  Dance 2014
  Universitatea de Arte din Târgu-Mureș, Secţia Maghiară
Director: Bodor Johanna
Script and adaptation: Bodor Johanna
Choreography: Bodor Johanna
Music: Maria Tănase
Cast: Andra Marian, Bezsán Noémi, Birtalan Linda, Dabóci Dávid, Gothárd Veronika, Györfi Csaba, Macaveiu Blanka, Márton Rita, Mureșan Alice, Nagy Orsolya, Raluca Ritea, Reman Noémi, Ruszuly Ervin, Tőkés Imola, Vetési Orsolya
The characters struggle with dilemmas of their conscience and with love and are offered the chance of confession. Consequently, their major question is whether fate offers us alternatives or we have only one chance to choose between good and evil, clean and dirty. Do we have to choose between loving and being loved? Maria Tănase’s song opens the realm of fundamental problems and does not limit our answers to them. It is a good pretext for testing our morals, our feelings and yet again – our honesty.

      © Hodgyai Istvan