•  Dance 2014
  Dance company Golde G.
Choreographer - Golde Grunske
Dancer - Julane Bauer, Martina Morasso, Denise Noack, Romy Schwarzer
Lighting – Carsten Klabunde
The dance performance ”KÖRPERbilder” is a critical examination of our body and the traditional images of bodies. The performance is asking: how can we save our individuality and how much are we catched in ideal model of perfection? How much are we influenced by pictures all around us every day? How much energy are we investing to build our body and bring it ”in form”? How much are we influenced by words like ”straight back!”, ”shoulders down!”, ”walk straight!”? Why is it difficult to accept and respect our body with his individuality? How present is the fact in daily life, that my body is unique? The company is working with contemoprary dance. The music was composed by Johann Sebastian Bach and is called ”mess in g-major”. The performance shows contemporary dance to contrast with classical music.
Performance not recommended to young people under the age of 12.

Thanks to the City of Cottbus (Germany).

      © Marlies Kross