•  Theatre 2014
  Universitatea ”Lucian Blaga” din Sibiu – Departamentul de Artă Teatrală
Directed by – Veronica și Cătălin Pătru
Cast: Constantin Podu
Project Manager – Luminița Puiuleț
“The words are dancing pantomime. HANDMADE is a pantomime show. Therefore, the dance of words, the unspoken but so expressive. Are the two poles of our existence on earth to whom remain always dazed: life and death. If you look at the true depth can only be silent. However, the life of ourselves flash and shake the thoughts and gestures. Mind is naughty dream factory. Night dreaming with eyes closed, eyes open day. It is important to look not to act, because in this way you will not let your dreams die, but you will bring to life and protect then to grow. From dream to dream... life becomes like a puzzle, shape and beauty, even while rushing towards death. Life must be our dream that death may be all a dream, short, in which to wake beyond the gates of heaven, where all your dreams came good that you have come to achieves in life. Let us build our own dreams, and together with humor and depth! Let go of words to move, gesture, dance, lingered for too long on this sheet!”, by Vera Ştefan.
Pantomime and improvisation performance.

      © Tiberiu Cioruga