•  Music 2014
Grasu XXL (Dragoș Nichifor), one of the artists who founded Okapi Sound, produced his first disk material in 1999 together with Paco 10Grei: “Personajul negativ” (“The negative character”). But his debut album, „Curaj” (“Courage”) was launched seven years later, two songs from this disc having been extracted and promoted: “Fără filtru” (“No filter”) (remix with Mari, Maximilian and Paco) and „Curaj” (“Courage”) (with DJ Swamp). Grasu XXL also continues his cooperation with DJ Swamp for the mixtape entitled „Evident” (‘Obvious”), which aired less than a year later. In 2007, Grasu XXL founded Okapi Sound together with Guess Who, Agresiv (Mitza and Vlad Lucan) and Paco 10Grei. In the summer of 2009 he launches, in cooperation with Mitza (Agresiv), „Prea mult fum” (“Too much smoke”), the first single which promotes his second album: „Oameni”. At the end of the same year the single entitled “Turnin’” (feat. Alex Velea) was also released, having been produced with the HaHaHa Production team. Guess Who (Laurențiu Mocanu) became known to the wide public in 2009, when he launched „Locul Potrivit” (“The Right Place”), a remake of Horia Moculescu’s creation from the ‘70s, ”Noi în anul 2000” (“Us in the year 2000”). The series of songs with a strong social message continued with „Manifest” and „Tot Mai Sus” (“Higher and higher”). Guess Who started his career in 1999, when he founded the band called Anonim together with Zekko. For several years he participated in joint projects with several Romanian artists, and in 2007 he founded Okapi Sound together with Grasu XXL, Agresiv (Mitza and Vlad Lucan) and Paco 10 Grei. During the same period, Guess Who promoted in the online environment three songs from his future solo album. The premiere of the video for the song „Tu” (“You”) aired in April 2009 in cooperation with Spike. At the end of April, Guess Who launched on his official website his first album entitled „Probe Audio” (“Audio trials”) and the launching concert took place on May 29th, 2009.