•  Theatre 2014
  Theatre Office Natori
Cast: Yuga Yoshino, Genjiro Mori, Mitsushi Matsumoto,Taiji Kodama, Tsuginobu Honda, Jun Arai, Chikako Hashimoto, Ayaji Miyauchi, Mai Morio,Yuko Fukami
Written by Minoru Betsuyaku
Directed by K.KIYAMA
Assistant director:Kyo Ogasawara
Set Design: Mitsuru Ishi
Lighting Design: Mashumi Sakurai
Sound: Hiroyuki Ide
Costumes:Ai Higuchi
Stage Manager: Tora Kojima
Assistant Producer: Nobutaka Kurihara
Producer: Toshiyuki Natori
Evening. A telegraph post is on stage right. A bus stop sign and a bench are on stage left. Estragon in shabby black clothes and hat carrying a shoe is trying to put off another shoe. Vladimir in similar attire comes with a toy trumpet. Lucky with a chain around his neck and Pozzo holding the chain appear just like those in Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot. But two young female receptionists and an elderly woman with a knitting set join them here. Then a man named Godot with an umbrella arrives and abruptly introduces himself to the receptionists, saying ”I am Godot.” His arrival is too abrupt to be recognized as Godot. Hereafter he tells Estragon and Vladimir that he is Godot every time he has a chance, but they never react as he has expected. Godot ”has finally come” with no mistake but nothing changes with his arrival. There is no dramatic encounter. This is a slapstick comedy – much more comic than the original by Beckett. There lies Minoru Betsuyaku’s strong critical recognition of the present society in this bold challenge. Betsuyaku, who has established the Theatre of the Absurd in Japan, wrote this brilliant play as homage to Beckett.
Performance not recommended to persons under 12.
Performance presented in Japanese, with translation into English and Romanian.

Supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan in the fiscal 2014.

      © Kazuyuki Matsumoto