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 France / Romania
The Modern Stage. Myths and Miniatures
Translation by Vlad Russo
Nemira Publishing House, Yorick Collection and Sibiu International Theatre Festival Book Collection, 2014

My Own Private Paris. Urban Autobiography
Nemira Publishing House, 2013

The Monologues of Incompletion
Polirom Publishing House, 2014
”European spectator, involved observer, George Banu suggests a poetic view of the modern stage, whose ”mythologies“ he grasps and liberates. A personal drawing, starting from the “close look“ which the author adopts and cultivates. “The Empty Stage“ and ”The Aggression of the Ugliness“, “Snow“ and “The Public on Stage“, “Live Music“ and “Multiplied Objects“ ... here are some of the sketches reunited in this volume. ”The Modern Stage. Myths and Miniatures“ invites us on a unique voyage with George Banu in the stance of the guide who focuses our attention on the ”multiplicity“ of the performances of today, of which we are witnesses.“ Monica Andronescu
”In «The Monologues of Incompletion» the subjective testimony meets reflections on theatre. After a less then comfortable retrospective look, George Banu reconstructs his careers with all its temptations and failures, assuming his ”failures“ as an actor, writer and teacher. Without frustration and resentment, the author restores the road to self-acceptance and reaches a paradoxical embodiment through the "recycling" of failures and the dialogue between all these areas and work experiences. Confirming once more his vocation as an essayist, this autobiographical volume shows that theatre is ”life’s double“, where solitary failures turn into a common accomplishment.“ Polirom
George Banu is Honorary Professor of Theatre Studies at the University de La Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris III), Honorary President International Association of Theatre Critics, Honorary President of the Jury of the Europe Theatre Prize. Co-editor in chief of the magazine „Alternative théâtrales“ and coordinates „Le Temps du théâtre Collection“, published by Actes Sud. He has written numerous reference volumes dedicated to the contemporary stage and its main personalities, works translated into many languages, among which: “The Cherry Orchard, our theatre“, “Theatre reforms in the century of renewal“, “Shakespeare – the world's a stage“ , “Nocturne“, published by Nemira. He is the three times recipient of the award for best theatre book in France, winner of the Excellency Prize UNITER and the Prometheus Award in 2007.

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