•  Outdoor Performances 2014
Concept and direction: Pedro Bennaton
Creation: Peca Ştefan & ERRO Grupo (Luiz Cudo, Luana Raiter and Pedro Bennaton)
Dramaturgy, text and script: Peca Ştefan
Performers: Luana Raiter, Sarah Ferreira, Luiz Henrique Cudo and Pedro Bennaton
Art direction, Set and Costume design: Luana Raiter
Sound Design: João Garcia & Rodrigo Ramos
Design and photos: Leco Rezende
”Geografia Inutil”. We don't play, this is not a play, it is a concert, and it is a show. Land that brings identity, cultural constructions or/and inheritance, separate by lines, tracks and frontiers but unified inside the globe. One of the implications of globalization is cultural juxtaposition, where what is true is also false. ”Geografia Inutil” aims to look at the emptiness of cultural stereotypes. The band releases an LP. The Long Play which builds culture also has its B-side. The work, ”Geografia Inutil” is the result of the project Brazil-Romania: Bucharest-Florianópolis, awarded with the prize ”Edital Elisabete Anderle 2013” (from Santa Catarina’s Cultural Foundation and the State Government) that consists on an artistic exchange between ERRO Grupo, the director Pedro Bennaton, and the Romanian playwright Peca Ştefan, besides a cultural exchange between Brazil and Romania. The Brazil - Romania: Bucharest - Florianópolis project explores the Brazilian and Romanian culture, and throughout its research sought to assimilate other cultures circumscribed by other Latin originated languages, playing with similarities and false cultural and linguistic assumptions, extrapolating and constructing other meanings to words and cultural stereotypes in an ironic dive in daily rituals from the Middle Ages and the universe that originated these languages and cultures.
Project by: ERRO Grupo
Funding by Elisabete Anderle’s Cultural Prize from the Santa Catarina’s State Cultural Foundation and the Santa Catarina's Government - Brasil

      © Leco Rezende