•  Theatre 2014
  Teatrul Naţional „Radu Stanca” Sibiu – Secția Germană / Deutsche Abteilung
By Esteve Soler
Directed by: Alexandru Dabija
Second Director: Bogdan Sărătean
Set and Costume Design: Dragoş Buhagiar
Translation from Catalan: Charlotte Frei
Author rights: Theater Stück Verlag
Cast: Daniel Plier, Johanna Adam, Ali Deac, Wolfgang Kandler, Daniel Bucher, Emöke Boldizsár
The theatre director Alexandru Dabija, together with the team of actors from the German Section, present the national premiere of the Catalan author Esteve Soler’s play Contra la democracia. Esteve Soler, who received last year the Serra d’Or prize for best play, begins with the idea that democracy is a farce that produces a feeling of horror world-widely. The six different parts of the play are not connected with one another and they present different visions of democracy, by combining broad comedy with horrific situations. Something is incredibly wrong when parents wake up their child in the middle of the night to break the news that he is an unwanted child and their intention is to kill him. Or the story in which none of the characters can remember what number comes after six. Watching these creepy, yet funny six short stories, the audience doesn’t have the time to laugh, because they are quickly pushed into a cold and honest analysis of the reality of their own life. This text is of great and cruel modernity presented in an alert rhythm due to the twists of the play.
Performance not recommended under the age of 12.
Performance presented in German with Romanian and English subtitles.

      © Maria Ştefănescu