•  Theatre 2014
  Florin Piersic jr
Director: Florin Piersic jr
Script: Florin Piersic jr
Set design and costumes: Florin Piersic jr
Music: Florin Piersic jr
Cast: Florin Piersic jr
“Ten years after the last representation of ”SEX DRUGS ROCK AND ROLL” (UNITER prize for Best Actor of the year 2002), Florin Piersic jr. returns with the play entitled ”FREAK SHOW”. Using the material written by Florin Piersic jr., directed and performed by him, ”FREAK SHOW” is a one-man-show which is unique in Romania. Florin Piersic jr. performs 13 characters. An overnight millionaire. A site worker. A banker. A retired person. A film producer. A professor. A homeless person. The audience has the opportunity to follow the chameleon-like evolution of a single actor who is continuously transforming in a different character, in a hallucinating sequence.”
Performance presented in Romanian.
Performance not recommended for those under 12 years old

      © Florin Piersic Jr.