•  Theatre 2014
  New Bulgarian University, Department of Theatre
Director: Assoc. Prof. Snezhina Petrova
Script & Adaptation: Olga Mukhina
Dramatist: Mihail Baikov
Technicians: Boyan Panov & Georgi Batilov
Cast: Martina Apostolova, Simeon Galabov, Rosen Mitrov, Zlatina Nikiforova, Marin Marinov, Karina Angelova, Atanas Atanasov, Tanya Kostadinova, Irina Kirilova
Theatre project ”FLYING” by Olga Mukhina is a performance of BA students from the department of theatre within the New Bulgarian University, made in November 2012 in the University Theatre of NBU. The performance is staged by associate proffesor Snezhina Petrova – theatre actress, who is the present Head of the Department of theatre. Olga Mukhina is one of the outstanding contemporary Russian writers and her play ”FLYING”, written in 2005, is an example of documentary drama. Based on 15 real interviews, ”FLYING”gives a picture of the new age generation in the post-communist society. The play is structured as long lasting dialogues which give the opposite perspective to the possibility for communication and make comments on basic topics of our life – love, friendship, dreams, work, religion, entertainment, drugs and freedom. The artistic approach to ”FLYING”as non-verbatim postmodern text aims to translate the plot of the play into a different stage media – it transforms the theatre box into an open discussion press conference talk about our private life and society. How the most personal issues connect with PR strategies and public Medias, how a small closed society is destroyed from inside and what could be a successful strategy for bringing oneself on top – this is what our artistic efforts are focused on. The performance is situated in a clear space, centered around three tables, transforming them into various exterior and interior environments.
Author’s Note: This text was created according to the principles of verbatim. That is, it is an entirely documentary play. It is sampled, so to speak, from 15 interviews. It contains not a single phrase of my own with the exception of a simple explanatory phrase. Even the incident with the window and the dog is the truth and nothing but. Believe me. All of this is life, like rain in July; this wintery snow is for you.
Performance presented in Bulgarian, with translation.