•  Dance 2014
María Pagés
In the words of María Pagés: It all began the day that I decided to dance a poem by Jose Saramago… ”I raise up a rose – Saramago read out to me – and all becomes alight…”. Words are the most direct means of communication between human beings and what a poet can transmit as he plays with words is, at times, a miracle. I wanted to dance the words, only the words, each with its own rhythm and cadence, with the melody of its sound. I was trying to translate his words and express what each one of them suggested to me, inspired me. To dance to the poets that drank their inspiration from traditional folk poetry, but also to dance the anonymous poetry of those who have dug into their most intimate feelings, to become inspired. In the end, both the traditional folk voices in ”el cante” and the poet’s voice express and transmit human emotions in the same ample sense. Dance shall always be the interpreter that translates and expresses words, no matter what tongue they are spoken in. Dance, a universal language.

      © Hiroyuki Kawashima