•  Outdoor Performances 2014
  Fanfara de la Cozmeşti
The brass band in Cozmeşti was founded almost 120 years ago, being the oldest brass band in the country, with deep roots in our tradition and culture. Over time, the band won numerous important trophies and awards in festivals and competitions due to its unique and unmistakable interpretation techniques, performing any type of music with no difficulty. The brass band sings live, playing exclusively by the ear, without knowing the musical notes, ranging from folkloric music, hora and sârba, and continuing with the music of the Balkans, pop music, gypsy music, etc. Counting 80 instrumentalists, the Brass Band in Cozmeşti participated in the first brass band festival in the country in 1969. They won the grand trophy then and made their first recordings with Electrecord Record Studios. After many years of artistic experience, they started to receive invitations to various festivals in the country and abroad. Consequently, they sustained concerts in Italy, France, Germany, Lithuania, Spain, Poland, Ukraine, etc. The band soloist has been working with the band since she was 14 and she is now the manager of the brass band. Their wish is that the public be pleased with their performance, seeking to feel the pulse of the public, adapting to each particular location. For example, in the area of Moldova, the band presents folkloric music exclusively, whereas abroad they have requests for Balkan music and dances.

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