•  Theatre 2014
  Academy of Performing Arts Bratislava
Director: Eduard Kudláč
Dramaturgy: Eduard Kudláč
Scene: Martina Rusnáková
Costumes: Martina Rusnáková
Production: Filip Fleischer, Peter Kováčik
Cast actors: Michal Koleják, Dávid Uzsák, Martin Durkáč, Tomáš Magát, Jana Labajová, Viktória Predanociová, Eva Szűcs, Barbora Drozdová, Juliána Oľhová
Dum – Spiro - Spero is a performance of professional director and author of the lyrics Edward Kudláč and troupe of Dum – Spiro - Spero, composed of scraps and intercepted phone conversations that the author and actors captured in their lives and their contents find topics that they get upset.In its minimalist sense Eduard Kudláč stylises his game as their copyright tragicomedy and transforms scraps into monologues , dramatic character which reflect contemporary society and anger towards her. Dum Spiro - Spero is an authorial game that his idea of reflecting the current social situation, shows what bothers us and bothers us in contemporary society and thus indirectly interferes with the thinking viewer, giving it a mirror and offers questions to which we seek answers. Unusual treatment game the storyline is born directly in the process of testing on the basis intercepted interwievs and scraps, offers the viewer look up productions, directorial concept can be described asavant-garde and abstract , but which carry the idea that reflects disgust the current social situation.... We are all the time in the confrontation with excesses, that we do not analyse and we consider them a direct threat of our steady life´s harmony. What will happen if our lives get to be composed only of excesses? What if we put them one next to the other and they will suddenly become a refrence view of the world? Are we able to live in such an enviroment? Will we begin to try to understand them? Will we try to perceive their primary initiatory point? Performance Dum spiro, spero was created by the method of collective work. All texts used in the performance are actual notes of actual people and therefore we cannot consider them a fiction. This is a performance, whose structure is determined by the real events. However, are we able to live in such a "reality"?

Performance presented in Slovak with translation in English.

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