•  Theatre 2014
Director: Radu Horghidan, Mihai Pintilei
Script: Mihai Pintilei, Radu Horghidan, Creaţie Colectivă / Collective Creation
Set design and costume: Teatru Fix / Fix Theatre
Choreography: Știan Ionuţ Claudiu
Cast: Claudia Chiraş, Roxana Durneac, Alexandra Gîtlan, Ancuţa Gutui, Delia Neagu, Bogdan Cantauz, Alex Iuraşcu, Adrian Marele, Mihai Pintilei
Staged by Fix Theatre, the show ”Dreaming Romania” is a theatrical performance born from the meeting of two young artists, Mihai Pintilei and Radu Horghidan, specializing in multiple theatrical domains. The performance approaches various themes which constitute strong reasons of discontent for the population of nowadays Romania and represents a manifest which attacks the general boredom characteristic for the East European type. This production objectively treats the problems which are characteristic for Eastern Europe, proposing a comment over the degree of childishness of social opinion by means of irony and mimics. The purpose is that of offering a more relaxed vision upon an every-day existence charged with different tensions, but also that of bringing to public attention the idea of collective responsibility.
Performance not recommended to persons under 18.
Performance presented in Romanian with translation.

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