•  Conferences and Seminars 2014
Event moderated by:
Cosmin Prelipeanu, chief editor Digi 24

Speaking guests:
Emil Hurezeanu - Romanian journalist, Director of Programmes and Senior Editor Digi 24
Constantin Chiriac - President of FITS, General director of TNRS
Titus Corlățean - Foreign Affairs Minister
Lucian Sârb - EuroNews, Director of News and Programmes
Neil LaBute - playwright, screenwriter and director
Michèle Jacobs - TV5 Monde

Sibiu International Theatre Festival proposes a unique event in the international landscape of performing arts festivals - Cultural Diplomacy, Media and Tourism Forum – a debate moderated by Cosmin Prelipeanu, with the extraordinary participation of outstanding personalities in the field of cultural diplomacy, media and tourism. Along the years, Sibiu International Theatre Festival clearly proved how a community can be strengthen through culture and how it can identify innovative and creating strategies, patterns and partnerships, able to intimately integrate culture in the formation and the regeneration of the community. Sibiu International Theatre Festival is designed to offer opportunities for issues of social inclusion and cohesion, education, tourism, heritage and urban regeneration at all levels. The event places culture at the core of the city's life and seeks in it the necessary inspiration for leading the community towards the future. Sibiu International Theatre Festival has the pleasure to invite you to take part at an event that adopts the ambitions of cultural diplomacy and reflect differently on the community’s issues to find solutions for the most important European heritage - culture – in order to be properly highlighted and converted into an active factor for the development of each individual.