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  Leeds Metropolitan University / Universitatea "Lucian Blaga" din Sibiu / SPAOM
Guest: Noel Witts
The series of interviews with the guests of Sibiu International Theatre Festival continues in 2014, under the theme of the festival Uniqueness in Diversity, during the period of Sibiu Performing Arts Open Market.
The interviews will be carried out by professor Noel Witts (Leeds Metropolitan University) and published with the support of the Department of Drama and Theatre Studies from „Lucian Blaga” University from Sibiu and have as a purpose, the reflection of „the unique position held by the Sibiu Festival in Europe, presenting a variety of artists – some very famous and consecrated, others that are at the beginning of their career, thus becoming, throughout the years, an important platform for new evolutions“ (prof. Noel Witts).
Noel Witts, professor of Performing Arts at the Leeds Metropolitan University, is the director of Arts Interlink Consultants, London, UK, member of the Training Committee of the International Theatre Institute and member of the UK Committee of the International Theatre Institute. His first direct contact with Romania was in 1992, when he started research for the BBC documentary Ceauşescu’s Court Jesters - Romanian Theatre. Since 1994, he has been artistic advisor for the Sibiu International Theatre Festival.
This will be the third edition of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival Cultural Conversations with festival artists. It is a collaborative project between the „Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu and Leeds Metropolitan University, UK. The aim is to give a flavor of the festival in several ways. First, by inviting a selection of interesting festival artists to meet us during the time of the festival a nonconventional café, which is next to the Liar's Bridge in Sibiu; second, to record unrehearsed conversations with these; third to keep these conversations as informal as possible, thus allowing artists to 'open up' about their situation, their practice, their views, and their impressions of the festival.
What we create each year, therefore, is a set of festival dialogues that hopefully illuminate for our readers the situation for artists in different countries in the world. Thus, this year we turned the spotlight on Mexico, Korea, Japan, Belgium, Romania, UK, Russia, Lithuania, Canada, Germany, France, Georgia, U.S.A. In no other European festival can you find this range of artists gathered in one place, so that these meetings are unique. The picture we get from each differs according to financial support - where does the money come from, and who pays? How many artists can form a performance company? What is the artistic policy? Why come to Romania? These questions form the basis of these conversations and the answers, as you can read, differ widely from country to country.
Once the conversations are recorded, they are transcribed by the brilliant students from „Lucian Blaga” University from Sibiu, and then edited to remove some of the more extraneous material, so that the conversations flow. Then there is the translation into Romania, as the working language throughout is English, finally ending with the dual language volume that we publish each year at Sibiu International Theatre Festival.

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