•  Theatre 2014
 Germany / Romania / France / UK
  DJR and KiViN
Directed by Konstantin Andreev
All actors are very enthusiastic amateurs, youngsters and young adults from DE, RO, UK and FR particpating in the European project SpieGeL and coordinated by Konstantin Andreev, manager of the KiVin organisation.
Project manager of SpieGeL: Jörg Friedrich
Assistant manager of SpieGeL: Samira Mammadova
KiViN and DJR are youth organizations (Russian-speaking migrant organization) which use humorous methods of the Russian-speaking areas in working with young people in the European space for the first time in the European community. Purpose of the association is to promote extracurricular meetings and exchanges of humor enthusiastic and creative youth and young adults aged 15-30 in Germany as well as the international and culture-related (especially Russian-speaking) youth work. For this purpose KiViN organizes mainly comedy competitions (KVN), how they were developed since 1961 in various humor and TV shows in Russia and got high popularity. Since 2011 KiViN is increasingly focusing on the international meeting and the mutual exchange of Russian-speaking immigrants in European countries. The organization of international comedy competitions is guided by the idea to promote a social interaction of adolescents and young adults with a migrant background from different countries and to secure it. KiViN provides intercultural learning, understanding, tolerance and openness to the fore. The idea of the comedy and activities of KiViN assumes that humor releases young people's creativity, promotes self-confidence and develop their ability to improvise. Wit and insight shall promote sustainable education and personality development of youth.
Performance presented in English and Romanian, with translation in English.