•  Theatre 2014
 France / Romania
  George Banu & Francesco Agnello
Texts by Emil Cioran
Lecture: Georges Banu
Music: Francesco Agnello
Instead of talking about Cioran, it's far better to hear him, not read him, but to hear his words, to discern the cracks, to disclose the fragmented and decomposed identity, the ”Shakespearian“ identity, for he, as well as the great Elizabethan, liked to mix what is noble with that was is trivial, Bach and popular hits, the process of birth and the agreement with life
I understand Cioran and I read him. As well, he didn’t frequent just the authors and philosophers in which he recognized himself. Nothing is more sterile than to approach that what is culturally foreign to you. The effects are void and the efforts, useless. Only ones intimacy allows him to follow the advice of Cioran: „Il faut écrire avec un minimum de chaleur ou cesser d'écrire“/ "You have to write with a minimum of fervour or, if not, stop writing."
Translated into French and English

      © F. Galli