•  Dance 2014
  Cia. Jordi L. Vidal
Dancer, acrobat - Vania D'Angelo
Acrobat, dancer, juggler - Kevin Troussart
Choreograph, stage director and project leader - Jordi L. Vidal
”Acrobatic and danced duo based on the evolution of a couple. The meeting, the passion, the heartbreaks, the birth of a child. Everything passes and comes back on the thread of a rope that is tied and unravels in sculpture, but with a softness and a tenderness that will not leave anybody indifferent or unharmed. ” Visual and poetical show. Street version (20 minutes, 2 times a day) and indoor version (1H) adaptable to outdoors and indoors. The duration of the versions can vary according to diiferent programs. With a light technical raider that can be easily adapt to different spaces. Thanks to its multidisciplinary, can be part of a street theatre, circus, dance, program and as well for all kind of audiences and schools. Its approach allows introducing dance and circus in an accessible way to a wide audience sometimes not used of it. With more than 100 gigs realized, our show has already charmed several European venues as well as Morocco, Brazil and Mali.
Our projects receives the support for its travels outside Belgium from WBI
With the support in Belgium of : Espace Catastrophe, La Roseraie, Maison de La Création, CAR Ath, La Maison Du Cirque, “Aide à la Création” Service Du Cirque Arts de la Rue and "Tournées Art et Vie" Service de la Diffsuion CFWB, Latitude 50, SACD, Charleroi-Danses Centre Chorégraphique, WBTD-Wallonie Bruxelles Théâtre Danse, Théâtre Montagne Magique

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