•  Dance 2014
  Gelabert Azzopardi Companyia de Dansa
Cast: Cesc Gelabert
Cesc Gelabert presents his last show that includes the first performance of 3 solos and the reinterpretation of old pieces especially for this occasion. A glance at the past from a present that looks towards the future. Drawing on the experience gained in the last few years with several outreach programmes, such as ”Un día con el público” (A day with the audience), the dancer introduces the different pieces with brief comments, be these references from the works, personal observations, explanations about the meaning of the choreographies, general ideas relating to dance, anecdotes or spontaneous comments. With this initiative, Gelabert returns to the heart, to the core, to the crucible of his creativity, to the essence of his movement and his presence. The show includes a series of old pieces, and the new ”V.O.+ pieces”. ”V.O.+1” is an apparition, an introduction and a fantasy in which the costumes are a key element and a force that fosters transformation. ”V.O.+2” is a journey through different types of movement and interpretation. If we could say that we are out there where our mind takes us, this piece reflects on how just one movement made by a dancer is able to produce an image or a perception in the spectator’s mind. How is it that the presence of a dancer making a particular movement creates a specific feeling? In ”V.O.+3”, Gelabert pays tribute to the choreographer Gerhard Bohner, several of whose works he has danced all over the world.
Performance presented in English.

The Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture, Department of culture within the Government of Catalonia, the Local Council of Barcelona and the Lliure Theatre in Barcelona/ Ministerio de educación y cultura de españa departament de cultura de la generalitat de catalunya ajuntament de barcelona teatre Lliure, Barcelona

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