•  Dance 2014
  Rojas y Rodríguez - Nuevo Ballet Español S.L.
Dance and Choreography: Ángel Rojas & Carlos Rodríguez
Corps de Ballet: Lucía Campillo, Verónica López, Ana del Rey o María López, Carmen Coy, Cristina de Vega.
Singers: Rocío Bazán, Davinia Jaén
Guitars: Daniel Jurado, Pedro Medina
Violin: Thomas Potiron
Percussion: Karo Sampela
Technical Director: Marcos Rodríguez Hornos
Lighting Technician: David Pérez Merino
Sound Technician: Victor Tomé
Stage operator - Machinist: Álvaro Prieto
Producer: Mara Pérez Mora
Management: Marisol Pérez García
A show created by choreographers and directors Rojas and Rodríguez, builds up from the beginning, the energy that the cast of four female dancers along with the directors of the company are developing and maturing in three well differentiated pieces. A choreographic world that comes from within the souls of the dancers, and their creators Rojas and Rodríguez the sincere intention to perform for the audience and with all the purity and intensity that the magic of flamenco can provide on stage. With ”CAMBIO DE TERCIO”, Rojas and Rodríguez have once again re-design unique their own choreographic style with pure essence that has conquered the heart of audience within Spain and worldwide, making the audience enjoy a classic Spanish flamenco dance and much more innovative and mature as to be expected. ”CAMBIO DE TERCIO” means a change in the artistic career of Rojas and Rodríguez, a change in the course of their creation. It is a journey through tradition and constant renewal of a style applauded and praised in all five continents.
Local Council of Móstoles, the Community of Madrid, INAEM – The Ministry of Culture, Education and Sports

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