•  Theatre 2014
Director: Cosmin Chivu
Script and adaptation: - COSMIN CHIVU, SEBASTIAN SMEUREANU and artistic crew
Set design and costumes: Symphony Barth
Choreography: Sebastian Smeureanu
Music: Gabby Bryan, Holly DeMorro, Jackie Zahn, si Joshua Marcks.
Cast: Holly DeMorro, Alec Funiciello, Gabby Bryan, Jackie Zahn, Joshua Marcks, Carmen Vienhage, Dane Giuffre, Symphony Barth, Allie Anschutz, Lucia Barneche
BURY THE DEAD revolves around the refusal of six American soldiers who were killed in war to be laid to rest. Built on the structure of an absurd farce, the play refers to the wars of the 20th century in which millions of young soldiers were sent to war, forced to fight and kill each other. In spite of the repeated efforts of authorities to bury them, soldiers decide to protest against their own death and against the war, which interrupted their lives, their marriages and their future plans. The reinterpretation of the play written by Irwin Shaw in 1936 is based on the modern technology and spotlight the wars of the 21st century (Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria).
Performance presented in English.

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