•  Theatre 2014
  Universitatea ”Dunărea de Jos” din Galaţi, Facultatea de Arte, Masterat de Teatru Muzical
By George Călinescu
Director: PHD university professor Bogdan Ulmu
Script & Adaption: PHD university professor Bogdan Ulmu
Scenography and costumes: PHD university professor Bogdan Ulmu
Choreography: PHD associate professor Vivia Săndulescu
Music: Maria Tănase
Cast: Daniel Făt, Alin Costea, Gabriel Enache, Nicolae Trandafir, Dan Radu, Georgeta Nedelcu, Nadejda Manoli, Elena Belciu, Maria Dănăilă, Daniela Enache, Claudia Iancu, Carmina Vlad
Our show focuses on three short pieces by the great Romanian critic G. Calinescu. Three jewels of playful scholarly parody linked together and loosely adapted for the purpose of stage representation. The three sketches have complementary topics, each bringing into focus either a universal hero (Emperor Herod), or just a national one (Brezaia, the Flawless Empress). The title of the show refers to a Romanian proverb with universal connotations: It’s not beauty that’s beautiful; it’s what I like that’s beautiful! Going through the famous episode with the killing of the infants, then the burlesque, through the marriage of the Prince and ending with the courtship of the Emperor’s Son’s future bride, the text itself becomes a great pretext for acting (in various registers), singing (difficult songs sung by our great artist, Maria Tanase) and stylized Romanian folk dance. We wish to present a burst of youth and joy on stage, an exhilarating performance, capable of bringing into focus the qualities of the actors who are also master students in Musical Theatre.
Performance presented in Romanian and Chinese with translation in English.

      © Elena Belciu