•  Theatre 2014
  Shanghai Theatre Academy
Director: LI Sha
Choreography: Li Sha / Duan YanNan
Script and adaptation: LU Xun
Costumes: YU Jian
Lights: YE Xiao
Sound: HE Qun / ZHU Feng
Cast: Dai SiXu, Zhang ZhiBo, Han PeiDong, Guo KaiNing, Fan LuDa,Luan YaLong, Zhang YuHang, Ma ZhenYu
Back to Life describes a world full of human beings, ghosts and gods: the dead can be brought back to life; ghost and gods can talk to the human; persons from the Shang Dynasty, persons from the Spring and Autumn Period and a patrol from the 20th century can be on the same stage and talk to each other. This method of assumption makes it more of a fable. By emphasis on the synchronic conversation in the same space regardless the time difference, the absurdity of the story is produced.
Performance presented in Chinese, with translation in English.

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