•  Outdoor Performances 2014
Choreographer, dancer: Takafumi KODAMA, Souhei MINOWA, Akifumi TOYOFUKU
When the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), so called the Famicom, hit the market in 1980's, their game's virtual reality won the hearts and minds of young people. A few years later, low-tech toys calling for "interactive-action" were released. The physical experiences of playing these hands-on toys instantly captivated the young people, who were preoccupied with the virtual world of the NES games before. One of the toy's name is "Actual fight Boxing Game - KENTOSHI" The member of nmatu-posu come from the athlete backgroud. They focus on SPORT, ART and EDUCATION, and produce various work with a combination of them.
Co producer: Rumiko.TAKAHASHI(University of Miyazaki Faculty of Education and Culture Associate Professor, dance education)

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